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Automatic Controllers

People are spending more time in their yards and investing in developing attractive landscapes. The positive economic impact this trend has created could grow to even more impressive proportions; however, it is essential that the public utilize the water-saving
technologies that are readily available.

Automatic Controllers and Systems to Help Save Water.

Irrigation provides better options for water conservation and control. For landscapes and gardens to thrive in many areas, they require balanced water delivery, either from rainfall or irrigation. The following are just some of the affordable technology options
now available for the conservation of water.

Automatic Controllers –

Allow control of watering time, water amount, and different application rates for different types of plants. All adjustable to changing weather conditions all automatically.

Automatic Controllers –

Devices that monitor the amount of water in the soil available to plants, turning irrigation watering on or off as appropriate to maximize plant growth rates while minimizing the water used.

Rain Shut-Down Devices –

Systems that can sense when it is raining and
shut off the irrigation system.

Advanced Performance Sprinklers –

Computer analyzed nozzles and spray patterns providing uniform water distribution in all situations.

Low Flow Drip Irrigation Systems –

A technology that waters effectively by applying water a drop at a time to the root zone of the plant.

Ask about the above controllers and systems to
help conserve water and maintain the yard
of your dreams.